We are the Schroeder Family

Together we are enjoying life and loving our country. We recently embarked on yearlong roadtrip across the United States. Some of the things we really enjoy as a family are: Traveling, Visiting National and State Parks, Learning about our History, Touring Factories and Businesses, Biking, and Hiking. Of course we all have our own individual interest as well, so we will share about each of us after this video.

The Parents

Dustin (aka Dad) – He is an entrepreneur in pretty much everything he does. He is extremely passionate about his businesses and the people that work in them. His wheels are always turning to what his next adventure will be. His hobbies include: business, baseball, hockey, craft beer, finance, and learning as much as he can from anyone.

Nicole (aka Mom) – She is the glue to the family. She has a passion for people and really loves spending time with her family. She is always looking for ways to help solve problems and conflict. In other words she is the peacekeeper while the family of 5 live in a 300 square foot trailer for a year. Her hobbies include: healthy lifestyle, clean eating, spending time chatting with friends, photography, scrapbooking, kayaking, and sunsets.

The Kiddos

Zack – He is the oldest child and has a strong mix of both parents. He is very laid back, polite, intelligent, and willing to try anything. He really loves hockey, sports cars, technology, drones, eating, business, and pretty much anything adventurous.

Alexis (Lexi) – She is the loving compassionate one in the family. Willing to volunteer to do anything to help anyone at anytime. She is very out going and makes friends very easily. She really loves animals, riding horses, crafts, socializing, babies and babysitting, and cooking.

Logan – He is the class clown, always making us laugh. This little guy is so smart and quick on his feet with his one liners with the perfect timing and context. He not only wants to make people laugh, but genuinely cares that people around him are happy. He also has unlimited energy, he is always wanting everyone to do something. Sitting and relaxing is not in his nature at all. His hobbies include hockey, baseball, legos, running, comedy, and really anything that keeps him moving.

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