Camping Gear Gift Guide

Give the gift of camping gear. There are tons of options on Amazon for things that can help your camping trip run smoothly. In the guide below, I did a list of my favorites. These items will make a perfect gift for your outdoors type friend or maybe even for yourself. A portion of the profits made from these links is donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Gift Guide written by Zack as part of our homeschool business class. Check out this video to learn a little more about our project for this class.

Hydro Flask

Everybody should have a water bottle. They are more environment friendly and can be used many times. My favorite water bottle is the Hydro Flask. This water bottle has a double stainless-steel vacuum insulated wall design. This design makes it highly insulated and very durable. This gives it the ability to keep your drink cold up to 24 hours.


A headlamp is useful in almost any situation. It provides convenient hands-free lighting. These are extremely helpful when camping. It makes carrying anything in the dark a breeze. You can now use both hands to carry your firewood.


A tent can provide lightweight and portable shelter that can be used almost anywhere. With a few minutes of set up you have a home away from home. These tents are even useful if you use a camper. They can provide an escape for some members if you’re in a large group or in some cases get places where campers can’t.


Carabiners are cheap additions that are very helpful. They can be used for almost anything. You can use them to clip stuff to your backpack, hold up your hammock, hold keys together and much more.


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A hammock will be one of the best purchases you ever made. These hammocks set up in between trees and provide comfort. They are remarkably comfy. They can be used to replace a tent with the correct attachments. All you need to add to make this your primary area is a mosquito net to keep the bugs away and a rain fly to keep you dry.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are vital to a good camping experience especially if you’re sleeping in a tent or hammock. These are compact and portable and can provide more warmth then traditional blankets. They also add some padding for some additional comfort.

Sleeping pad

Sleeping pads are mainly for tenting. These pads provide support when using tents. In a tent you sleep on the ground. This can become extremely uncomfortable. If you add a pad you have padding that helps you be comfier.

Power pack

Power packs are almost a necessity when camping. They are portable batteries that charge your devices without an outlet. This can be crucial to your camping success. These can give your phone some extra juice which can save your life in some emergencies. This means that your dead phone can be charged to call for help or GPS can be used to navigate out.

Battery operated fan

These are all for comfort. They provide a cool breeze on hot summer nights. These are powered completely by batteries making it useful anywhere. If your batteries are charged you can have a portable breeze with you.


Backpacks are useful to help transport the rest of your gear. My favorite backpack is listed here. This backpack has enough storage for all of your tech as well as room for other necessities such as clothes. This backpack also has small convenience features to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. These features include a pocket lined with fabric to carry glasses. It also has a earbud setup so your phone can be in a pocket and your earbuds can be plugged into your backpack.

These items are very useful when camping and range in price from a few dollars to around $50. These inexpensive additions to your camping gear will make your whole experience more enjoyable. Thank you for your support in helping Best Friends Animal Sanctuary get funding for all of the good work they do.

As part of our business project my brother and sister also made gift guides. If you are looking for gifts for teens or tweens, check them out!

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