Hi I’m Logan, and I’m back. I first took a break for the Holidays then we meet up with some friends and we were with are friends for a while we still are but in a different spot we were with are friends in two different spots. The first spot is were it was built Fort LAMBIK built in twenty minutes out of palm leaves, thorn bushes, and rocks. The hardest part was clearing out the trees. It was built by five people the sixth person joined after it was built. The name came from the five people that built it and kid who joined late it’s the first letter of each of our names the original name was Fort ALMIBK that was a terrible name. Then we came up with Fort LAMBIK that’s a much better name. I used ash on a stick to write the name on a very flat rock and put the stone on a tree at the entrance. We had a hallway from the entrance to the main room we had a jail for all the bad kids it didn’t have a door but we also never needed it so it was okay then we a bedroom with two beds in it then just to the right of that was doctor’s office/bedroom that bedroom had two beds as well then a third bed room with one bed in it the sixth person(the one that came late) just slept in the jail because there was nowhere else for him to sleep it didn’t have door so it wasn’t like he was locked in. The middle of the fort had a tiny fire pit but if we actually used it we would have burnt down the whole desert so we used the actual fire pit. I saved the best part for last the best part was a hallway…

…to the toilet! It was really just a six foot path to a bush but that made it so much better. Only me and two other people used the bathroom but I thought it was hilarious. I got to go kick but in a nerf war now but let me know if you have ever built a fort like Fort LAMBIK actually bug my Mom about that. See you next week on Logan Posts Monday. I’m out.

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