Hi, my name is Logan. I am running an affiliate link business for homeschool. We chose this business because we travel so we can’t go to work every day. When you click our links, it brings you to Amazon so you can buy products. This doesn’t cost you any money. The video that we made about our business is here.

Here are some popular gift ideas for kids ages 8 to 11:


Legos are very popular. Kids love building things for hours just to find out they brake apart when you drop them.

         Laser tag

Laser tag is a lot of fun especially when you win. Most of the time I win because I’m savage.

         Top 25 Board Games

Monopoly Ultimate Banking makes it so you don’t have to do math on family game night. 

         Xbox One

Get someone you know an Xbox so they don’t want you to take them to the arcade.

         Sketch pencils

I know nothing about sketching but I asked my friend and he said that’s what he wanted for Christmas so I put sketch pencils on the list.

I hope you found my gift ideas helpful and got the perfect gift for your family and Friends.

My brother and sister also have gift guides written for our business here is the links:

What to buy your teenager by Alexis.

Camping gear gift guide by Zack.



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