Hi I’m Logan, and I’m back from Mexico. There is no internet in Mexico. Without internet I can’t make posts on our blog. Which is the reason why I’m the least committed person ever. Seriously, it’s half way through the school year and I still haven’t committed to school yet. The only thing I committed to this year is beating my brother in a fight which I have before but he said ” That doesn’t count, just because I stopped fighting because of I got hurt doesn’t mean I lost! ” but he was wrong because it kind of does. I used a flying Logan attack to beat him.  He beat me 47,836,901 times, but I want to beat him again because apparently that didn’t count. I do have one other new year resolution I’m going to train for hockey five days a week, so far I trained one day. I stick handled for like five minutes. Wait that was in December. I’ll try to post every Monday if I don’t that means I didn’t have internet that day. Or I was with my friends and didn’t have time.


RESOLUTION #                                STATUS

1. train 5 days a week.                     FAIL

2. beat Zack in a fight.                     FAIL


1. Think of what you want to do.

2. Try to do it.

3. Fail to do it.

4. Try again.

5. Kind of succeed then count it because you thought it was close enough.

That’s all I got for now but I might even do another post today because I’ll be in the car all day. We have like three more days to get from western Texas to the panhandle of Florida. I might do another post and I might not. Talk to you later bye.


5 thoughts on “MAKING COMMITMENTS”

  • Hi Logan,it’s itai, I hope you see this. I’m In Menifee right now and there’s tons of kids here, I’ve already made 4 new friends in 3 days. We parked next to all the other kids so it’s almost never boring, There aren’t any kids around when I’m writing this though. None of the kids are as cool as you and most of them can’t even come into my RV. It’s different without you around. I can’t wait to see you again.

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