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Just before Christmas, the hubs and I took a week-long vacation to Plaza Pelicanos Resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This was our first time to this part of Mexico and we instantly fell in love with the old town feel of Puerto Vallarta. The Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort, had an authentic Mexican vibe to it. It fit perfectly into the vision that we had for our trip which was to immerse ourselves in the culture and not be typical tourists.

From the airport we took a quick taxi ride to our resort. If you do not have prearranged transportation, go directly to the exit of the airport before getting a taxi. Taxi companies inside the airport are trying to sell tours and such, they are not official tour agents. Keep walking! Taxi drivers are happy to take American money so don’t worry about exchanging your currency at the airport. Make exchanges at the resort or at a bank near the resort for the best conversion.

Flying into Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport. Traveling to Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort in Puerto Vallarta. Mexican vacation.

The Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort is set behind a small strip mall and resides right on the ocean. The entrance to the resort is very comfortable. Clerks will happily bring you a glass of wine and get you checked in quickly. You will be on your way to a much-needed vacation in no time! If you are looking for assistance in making tour reservations, there are excellent concierge located right in the lobby and they often have discounted rates to many attractions in the city.

Welcome to Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort. Spring break trip to Plaza Pelicanos Puerto Vallarta. Enjoying a warm spring day at Plaza Pelicanos Timeshare.
Beautiful entrance to Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort.

Our home away from home was a studio room located at 1403. This room is on the 4th floor and while it is not close to the elevator, we found that the taking the stairs was a great way to sneak in a little exercise. Each floor has cutouts that offer amazing views of the grounds including the pool area and the ocean. (Another bonus for taking the stairs.)

Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort pool view from balcony. Checking out all the hotties in the pool at the Plaza Pelicanos Puerto Vallarta. Swim your days away at Plaza Pelicanos Resort.
Pool view from the balcony of the Plaza Pelicanos.


Room Details:

As soon as we opened our door at the Plaza Pelicanos we knew we were going to have an incredible week. (We were already fairly certain it was going to be great because Mexico and kid free but this sealed the deal!) The room was very open and extremely spacious. Since there were no other rooms above ours, the ceilings were high and consisted of wooden beams and the underside of the clay tiles. And that view! It spoke right to my heart!

There was plenty of closet space for the two of us. We were able to hang up our nicer dinner clothes and organize our other clothing in the closet cubbies and dresser. Nightstands were placed on either side of the bed to provide extra storage and to keep all your techy things charging.

Our king size bed reminded us of the comforts of home. We relaxed in bed and had fun guessing if the television show was in Spanish or English before the actors spoke. (We’re easily entertained when the kids are gone! Ha!) Plenty of comfy pillows adorned the bed and we had no problem falling asleep listening to the waves crash on the shore.

Studio room overview at Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort. Shell Vacations Club at Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort. King bed in studio room at Plaza Pelicanos Puerto Vallarta.
Perfect place for an afternoon nap and a full night of sleep.

The bathroom was ample size to spread out all of our supplies. (Ok, my supplies, the hubs had a toothbrush and some deodorant. He’s pretty low maintenance!) Having a tile shower was a nice touch. The water pressure was good and there was always warm water.

Our room did have a kitchenette that included a full-size refrigerator, a microwave, and a 2-burner stove. For the breakfast crowd, a coffee maker and a blender were also in the room. The cupboards had all the cookware you would need for simple meals. We did decide to have spaghetti in the room one night. We also made our own smoothies and oatmeal for breakfast in the mornings.

Partial kitchen in the Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort studio room. Cooking accommodations at the Plaza Pelicanos Puerto Vallarta. Ready to cook some grub at the Plaza Pelicanos time share?
Skipping out on the all-inclusive? This is the perfect place to make some simple meals.

Last but surely not least, the balcony. This room is perfectly situated to watch the golden sun sink into the ocean. I’ve often said that sunsets are my love language and I stand by that comment wholeheartedly. Besides watching beautiful Mexico sunsets on our balcony, we also enjoyed lounging and reading while catching some much needed rays.

Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort ocean view. Weddings at Plaza Pelicanos Puerto Vallarta. Sunset over the ocean at the Plaza Pelicanos Resort.

If you are looking for a safe place to stay in Mexico and like to mingle with the locals, I recommend staying at Plaza Pelicanos Grand Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. The accommodations are clean and provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vacation. This property is a Shell Vacations Club at Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort but you do not need to be a member to enjoy all this resort has to offer.

(Although we did not bring our children on this trip, I feel confident in saying that this would be an excellent place for children to visit.)


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12 thoughts on “Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort Room Tour | Puerto Vallarta Mexico”

    • This part of Mexico is actually very safe and the views are amazing. Definitely try to talk the hubs into it, I think he would be very pleased!

    • I strongly recommend a beach vacation! Pretty sure I need at least one every year or I get a little cranky. 😉

  • My husband, kids (5-7) and I (inlaws as well) are heading out the Los Pelicanos next week and I’m trying to find more info and pictures about the resort.. We are staying in the ‘time share’ 2 bedroom suites and have a kitchenette as well. Would you be able to advise me as to where to go shopping for food, eat and other great places we can experience. This is our first ‘non all inclusive’ trip and I don’t know what to expect. A little stressed and anxious to get out there… Need this, tired of snow and cold weather.

    • Hi Katherine,

      So sorry for the delayed response. I just saw this comment for some reason. The Mega is not far from the resort (we actually walked to it) and a great place to get groceries. Take a right out of the resort and a right on the main road. You can’t miss it! When not eating in our room, we actually paid for food at the resort a few times and thought it was extremely reasonable. We typically ate lunch for around $10 and that included a large salad, a burger, and a beer. We also liked the local taco places a lot. El Camaron Express was one of our favorites. So stinkin’ good! Hopefully you have/had a great trip!


    • Hi Sheri! Yes, it was a great place to relax and the views were amazing! I hope you get to visit someday.

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