Hi I’m Logan, and I’m back. I decided I am going to do another post today. In my last post I said I might do another post today that post was published like twenty minutes ago, but by the time I publish this post it will be longer because the twenty minutes is as of right now and I still have most of a post left. This post is about super heroes, obviously because you likely read the title before you decided to read this post.


Marvel makes really good super heroes, because of the awesomest person of all time Stan Lee. Stan Lee is, to me, the best super hero creator in the world. Stan Lee created my favorite super hero, Spiderman. People really like people that can crawl on walls and shoot webs from their hands. Stan Lee also made Ironman my best friends favorite super hero, Fantastic 4, and many others. If you asked me if I met Stan Lee sadly I would have to say no ): . Marvel makes good movies too, my favorite movie (not just from Marvel just my favorite movie ever) is Avengers Infinity War.


I’m not sure if DC and Marvel are partners or RIVALS because in the Teen Titians Go movie, Stan Lee was in that and it’s not Marvel. I don’t know who makes all the DC characters, but who ever they are is extremely creative because Flash is an awesome super hero so is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.


I think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles need  to be in a super hero blog post. They’re pretty good heroes, and who doesn’t like turtles. They beat the Shredder twice. Plus their sensei is a rat and rats are kind of cute.

I could talk about super heroes for hours, you probably don’t want to read for hours though so that’s all I got for now. I encourage you to let your kids read this post because what kid doesn’t like super heroes. That’s it for now, see ya.

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