What to buy your Teenager

This is the gift guide for teens! Our project was to learn a way you can have a business while on the road. We did a video on affiliate links and what we are doing with the money you can find our video . You can watch that video here. This is my gift guide for teens at least some ideas with links to make your shopping experience a better experience.

  Headphones so you can listen to music and videos in peace.

 A computer mouse.

 A computer case to keep your computer safe.

Phone cases but you need to know the model of their phone.

Craft supplies for creative people and it’s really calming.

 Books, both self help and imaginary.

 A pack of earrings for all occasions.

ClothingClothing, but you might want to know their taste for this one.

Shoes also needing my style.

Hover board.

Camera for filming and taking pictures to be able to capture memories.

Watch for those people who are always late.

Airsoft guns/ammo for enjoying time with their friends.

iPhone X R is a real popular one right now.

journal or diary.

 Gift cards to Amazon

 Camping gear if your teen needs to get outside more. My brother has a post dedicated to camping gear here.

My other brother has a few ideas for what to buy tweens.

All these things are a range of different prices. But if you want to get a pet lover something the charity we are donating to has a shoe called Bobs for dogs. Some of the money goes to the animals so you can help save animals too. They come in a variety of different patterns and colors.


That is my gift guide for teens, I hope it helps you shop for your teens this year.
Shopping for teens can be hard because they are mostly over toys but asking a teen for things that other teens like is a good idea so getting advice from me (a teen) could help it go a little smoother and not have to return as many things. Lastly I want to thank my lovely friends who helped me put this all together.

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