How to Winterize your RV/Camper Easily!

This post is on how to winterize your camper!

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We like many of you live in a climate where it is difficult to utilize your campers. We must winterize our camper before it gets below freezing to avoid our plumbing, water heater, and drains from breaking. So when the time comes to put your rig into storage you have couple options; You can hire someone to come to you and winterize it for you costing up to $200 in some cases, You can bring your rig in and have a dealership do it for you costing up to $100, or you can do it yourself for under $20 assuming you have the right tools.

This post is going to show how to take option 3.


For the Visual People, here is the video I put together outlining the process.

For those of you that prefer an outline version:

Step 1: Disconnect Water and drain all of your tanks including the Fresh Water, Gray Tank, and Black Tank. (If you are in an area where you do not have a dump station clean out your black tank with the wand attachment prior to disconnecting from the dump location).

Step 2: Make sure you shut off your Water Heater (several hours prior to draining so water does not burn you). Then drain your water heater by removing the plug outside your unit.

Step 3: Bypass your water heater so the antifreeze does not get into the water heater.

Step 4: Open all of your water fixtures and connect your air compressor to you water supply. Be careful not put too much air pressure into the pipes blow out the water in the lines.

Step 5: Clean out your black tank using the wand attachment through the toilet. (If you are hooked up to a drain source you will want to do this prior to step 1).

Step 6: Dump 2 to 3 Gallons of Marine and RV antifreeze into you fresh water tank. Then use the water pump to fill the pipes and run each water fixture until you see the pink antifreeze come out the fixture.

Step 7: Dump some antifreeze in each fixture to fill the drain traps. It is a good idea to also have some extra in each the gray and black tanks as well.

Congratulations! You just winterized your rig and saved money.

If you need any of the tools shown in the video here they are:

RV Water Supply Attachment:

Small Air Compressor:

Tank Wand:


Marine and RV Antifreeze:

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